2015 in Review

A Personal Look Back

2015 was one of the best years yet. Here’s a look at my past year month-by-month.

January I went back to work after Christmas break with a sad heart. I prepared for a long, long semester back. Everyone told me that being a working mom would get easier. I was still waiting.

February We celebrated our first Valentine’s day as a family of three. Work was really busy this month. I remember these being very stressful weeks, but we had two snow days during this month.

March I made it to Spring Break. We didn’t do anything too spectacular during Spring Break, but I welcomed the time spent with my son.

April My husband had a life-changing job interview. It was his dream job and the kind of interview that you just feel lucky to have but don’t expect much of. We couldn’t see God’s hand in this at this time, but He was there.

May My husband was hired from his dream interview. The job was 2 hours away, so he started commuting and staying closer to the office during the work week. I turned in my resignation to become a stay-at-home mom and ended the school year.

June I began my SAHM journey while my husband continued to leave during the week. We put our house on the market with our hope to sell it by the end of this year.

July We accepted an offer on our house after only three weeks and began frantically searching for a house to buy in our new city. We found our dream house, and quickly put an offer in to close in just 5 weeks.

August Our son turned ONE! We spent the day as a family and skipped a birthday party this year. We closed on both houses and moved two hours away from where we both grew up all in two days. God provides in the most amazing ways. It is really neat to look back and see how His perfect timing was in this whole life-change from the beginning.

September My son spent almost a week in the hospital with salmonella. This was the most exhausting week of our lives, but we relied heavily on God during this time and came out of it stronger than ever. I also started attending MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) where I made my first real mom friends. I’m thankful that I took the leap and put myself out there to meet new people so quickly after moving. These women of kept me sane during this huge life transition. We also joined a small group within our church. We have made a whole other group of friends through this. God placed these people in our lives as well because our friendship with them has been pretty effortless.

October I started taking my son to babytime at the closest library every week. Being able to do these things with him is the reason I became a SAHM. Since attending the same babytime, he now goes in and starts dancing in the middle of the circle of moms and babies. He is going to be a performer for sure. We didn’t really celebrate Halloween this year because we had just found out about our son’s multiple food allergies. This is also the month I decided that I wouldn’t dress him up for Halloween until he’s old enough to ask me and pick out his own costume.

November I started my reading journey of reading 27 books by my 27th birthday which is next December. At this time I have read 4/27. This is sort of a big deal for me because I have never been much of a reader. But moving to a city with 30 library branches has changed my life.

December I started this blog, giving a project and purpose to my days. Blogging has always been a dream of mine because I love to write. I finally buckled down and did it. I may not have a ton of readers, but my goal is to just continue to do this as long as I enjoy it despite amount of traffic.

  • Christmas with a one year old.
  • Spending time with family.
  • Husband having 12 days off work with us.