A New Year to Celebrate

A Look Back and a Step Ahead

2016 was not the best year, but it definitely had some good parts. I know we are all caught up in how bad the year seemed for the world as a whole. I wholeheartedly believe that it wasn’t any worse than any other years. The world is full of devestation and tragedy no matter what the calendar says. But I’m hoping that we can all bring a little joy into the world in 2017.



I had a hospitalization and emergency surgery. It was not a good month.


Pretty uneventful month although I did have some fun blogging times. I wrote a post about postpartum awareness, and I have since read over that post many times during the last two months just to hold myself accountable and my emotions in check.


March 16, 2016: I found out I was pregnant with surprise baby #2. We had planned for another baby soon, but I wanted it to happen in 2017. God always has other plans though. My bucket list was put on hold another year, but I’m starting to feel like we might come out of the newborn haze sometime soonish.


I had a very uncomfortable pregnancy that sadly caused me to put my blog on the bottom of my priority list. But on November 12, 2016, we completed our family with the birth of our beautiful, healthy daughter.


What a wild month to have a newborn. Between the candy induced comas and the sleep-deprived Christmas parties I can’t say I remember much. I will say that it was our favorite holiday season yet, and I can only imagine how much better they will get.


My husband and I sat down and discussed our goals. I have three very simple goals that are focused on taking care of myself. I feel, esepcially in the past year, that I have really put myself down on the priority list. Everyone else has come first, and I need to know what it feels like to put the work into making myself happy and feel good.

  1. Get healthy in mind and body
    • Workout 3-4 times a week without a gym membership
    • Have dinner at home at least 6 times per week
    • Structured time away from the kids at least once a week. This can be just a trip to Starbucks by myself or with a friend or a date night out. We haven’t been out without the kids since Little Lady was born almost two months ago, and we are both feeling the neglect.
    • Take up a hobby that I enjoy and makes me feel proud. Last year I took up Bible journaling, and loved all that it did for me, but I let my lack of space become my excuse to quit.
  2. Read 28 books
    • I had a goal to read 27 books in 2016 because it was my 27th year. I only completed 25 books, but I was not consistent with my reading. This year I know I can do it.
    • I will chronicle the reading goal on my Instagram using the hashtag #28books28thyear
  3. Save money
    • We have some debt I would like to pay off, but we are fortunate not to be swimming in it. But it wasn’t a priority last year with a new baby coming. This year I would like to say goodbye to most of the debt, if not all of it.
    • I’m starting with a no-spend month of January. I spent all of my Christmas money already on a new, non-pregnancy wardrobe since I spent most of last year in maternity clothes. So January is a time for saving after a couple months of spending.

I really hope you find as much hope in the new year. Let me know what your goals for 2017 are and how you plan to accomplish them.

  • Sparkling cider at midnight
  • Shopping adventures with my family
  • Lazy TV marathons