An Introduction of Sorts

Nice to meet you, Internet.

Hello fellow mothers (and possibly fathers) out there. Motherhood is a wild ride, isn’t it? Like a rear-facing, Puffs strewn all over the backseat, Lovie thrown just out of reach wild ride. Sound familiar to anyone else out there?

Maybe you live your life like I do: naptime to naptime. This is a thing just like “working for the weekend” is a thing. The only tranquility that exists in the world is when the kids are sleeping. The only time the ringing of the whines and the constant “don’t touch that” or “what are you doing?!? Please don’t scale the bookcase with all the breakables!” stops long enough for you to have your own thoughts.

Maybe you live in a perfectly tidy house with your white furniture, your glass coffee table complete with an intriguing coffee table read for all your guests, and zero plastic toys in sight. HA! Who am I kidding? No one with kids lives like that. Right? Right?!? (If you do live like that, please don’t shatter my “excuse this mess, but my children are making memories” mentality. Ignorance is bliss.)

However you live out your unique motherhood, know that I started this blog to be a voice for other mothers. My voice is sometimes sarcastic, dry at times so I’ve been told. But my voice will be empowering for all mothers. I’m not here to bash anyone or partake in our society’s “mommy war” because ain’t nobody got time for that.

So who am I?

I’m a mother to one daring, loud, and lovable little gentleman. I call him a gentleman because that’s my goal in raising him. He’s not quite there yet because he still likes to run around without any pants. I plan to break this habit by the time he moves out, but as mothers our expectations are high. For an example of his lack of manners see: he’s currently blowing zerberts on my leg and laughing because it sounds like a fart.

Photo Credit: Capture the Moment Photography by Destiny

I’m a stay-at-home mom, or as I prefer to be called, a homemaker. I went to college and graduated with a degree in child development. I only tell you this to prove how much I know about children. Which is nothing because a college degree can’t prepare you for motherhood in any way other than the late nights and binge-drinking (I’m talking coffee of course!).

I’ve been married for almost five years to my high school sweetheart. He’s still a sweetheart. I am not. Opposites attract, I guess. Like he wants 12 kids; I do not. Although I did make the mistake of writing him a cute, sweet note when we were dating where I proclaimed that I also wanted 12 children. He pulls that note out when I’m going through a phase where I proclaim that I don’t want any more kids never ever. God-willing we will have more someday.

So all of this leads me to say that I will be posting every single day I can find the time to stop the ringing and sit down long enough to collect my thought. Feel free to connect with me via Twitter and Instagram to see what life is like in between blog posts. Spoiler alert: life involves two handsome men, lots of coffee, yummy times in the kitchen and failed Pinterest projects (this mom is so not crafty).

  • Birthday parties for toddlers: a ball pit in the living room is all you need
  • The Old Navy clearance section: always buying mom pants (AKA yoga pants, AKA active wear)
  • Saturdays spent in the kitchen: cooking relieves my stress
  • Sunday morning breakfast: taking my two main men out for scones and coffee