Babies Eat So Much

Another Thing I Didn't Know Before I had Kids

I wrote about my feeding journey with my son in this post from my #MotherhoodMonday series. To sum it up we did not have a good breastfeeding journey, and as heartbraking as that was I learned a lot about a lot during that time. I learned what postpartum anxiety looks like. I learned the importance of feeding your baby, whether that is via breast or bottle. I learned to ignore what I read on the internet or other moms told me and do what works for my baby and me. And I have to say I was much happier for it.

My daughter has been so different in a lot of ways though - gotta love her. Perhaps the biggest difference is our feeding journey. Whereas my son never really latched on and breastfed, she’s a dream when it comes to this. I have breastfed her since day one, and it’s been pretty much a breeze ever since. I am so grateful for this after what emotional toll my son had on me when he wouldn’t breastfeed. But that being said, I have no expectations when it comes to breastfeeding this time around. When it ends, I’m ready to make the transition to formula without feeling any guilt. I’m ready to release all the pressure from myself and just go with the flow. Besides I have a lifetime of nourishing my child in other ways.

I’ve been asked many times as a blogger, mom, and friend what one piece of advice I have for new moms or first-time expectant mothers. Well listen up because my answer will always be the same:

Don’t allow guilt to raise your children.

Seriously there is no room for mom guilt because we are still human after all. Despite what society tries to tell us, giving birth does not make you superhuman. If you’re struggling to breastfeed your child, make a change. It doesn’t even matter what that change is; use a nipple shield, pump more, switch to formula, etc. Just don’t remain planted in the stress of something that doesn’t work. If I’ve learned anything from parenting it is how trial and error is the road that leads to success.

The beauty of this is that it doesn’t just relate to feeding your baby. It relates to pretty much every aspect of raising kids. I recently participated in a parenting class in my community because I was terrified of the transition from one child to two children. The class was so helpful to my parenting journey, but I learned that discipline is a hodgepodge of tricks. I still use some of the tools I gained from that class, but some tricks I tossed out because it didn’t work for me or my child. I’m still learning everyday how to parent my children, and my learning will continue for a lifetime.

I encourage you to read the post linked above about my feeding journey especially if you’re in the midst of a feeding struggle. I also recommend a couple of resources in feeding:

Fed is Best Foundation
The Honest Company

Instead of my favorites today, I want to say that my blog turns 1 year old today! I haven’t displayed the best consistency in the past year, nonetheless it was a whole ago that I began this passion project of speading judgement-free love to all moms. Thank you to all my faithful readers and followers because without you I would be reaching no one. Here is to another year and maybe with more consistency. ;) Let me know in the comments what you want to see from The Mom Who Blogs over the next year.