Blogging During Motherhood

A Blog Hop

Happy 2 month blogiversary to The Mother Blog! So here’s the deal, I’ve been doing this pretty comfortably for two whole months! I’m obviously an expert on the subject now. Except not really. I’m still digging my heals in the ground on adding certain features and joining certain sites to really make my blog explode. Why? Because I’m scared that the shift from “blogging for fun” to “blogging for money” will change the routine I have. I have not read up on how to juggle these two things: blogging and motherhood. But I have developed my own ways to juggle the two that help me every single day.

  1. Ask for Help
    This is always my number one piece of advice. Ask for help from your spouse, family, and friends. Ask anyone. Maybe you need help with something on the side of the blog. My husband helps me frequently with this because he is in the technology industry, so he knows what he’s doing. Maybe you need a solid afternoon to work on your business, which is your blog- get used to thinking this way! Ask grandparents to watch the children for ahwile. I am writing this blog post because my son stayed with his grandparents last night.
  2. Find Mommy Time
    I wrote a post about how to do this a couple of weeks ago. A lot of times my mommy time is spent working on my blog because I still consider it a hobby. Once it becomes work, I might have to reevaluate some things, like how to remove the “have to” mentality from what used to be a joy.
  3. Don’t Let Blogging Become a Chore
    Laundry is a chore; dishes are a chore. Blogging should not be. If it moves to your chore list along with vacuumming and mopping, you are doing something wrong. Yes, blogging can become a job which means you must work at it like any job. But if it becomes a chore that you just can’t scratch off your to-do list, then why are you using it as a means of income anyways? “Do what you love and the money will come.” But if the money comes, and it is no longer something you love, why do it any longer?
  4. Blog About What is Happening in Your Life
    Getting dinner on the table for all three in our family is tough. So what if I kill two birds with one stone? Cook something I can blog about. I don’t do this enough, but I have done it once. Doing this gave me a blog prompt and helped me put dinner in the crock pot one morning. Then when I had time, I typed up the post quickly and voila! I had a recipe that I was proud to share and dinner 8 hours later. Do you have toddlers? Do a fun activity with them; then blog about it later. Be sure and take pictures throughout the process!
  5. Find Your Muse
    And include them in your post. I would love to do a blog post in which I interview my husband. Or maybe even let my own husband guest post! Bam! He writes the post, giving me a break from unloading my own brain onto the page. Maybe you have a friend who has been through something that you’ve never experienced. With their permission and maybe their collaboration, use their story on your blog. I belong to an elite group of business oriented women who I would love to feature on my blog. Because of their support, I am sure that any one of them would be willing to drop in on The Mother Blog and benefit from a feature. If you’re looking for a community like this, check out Solo Girl Squad. This is an affiliate link.
  6. Attend Blogger Conferences
    Moms deserve the weekend away too. What better way to have a distraction free weekend to learn, promote, and grow your blog than to attend a conference for bloggers?! Don’t feel bad about leaving the little ones at home with family. There is no rule forbidding mothers to remain with their children at all times for their first 18 years.
  7. Put the Children in Front of the TV
    I do this sometimes. If I need 20 minutes to respond to emails, I turn on an episode of Sesame Street and sit with my son while I whip through replies. When Elmo is on, he doesn’t care what I’m doing. I’m not supporting letting PBS raise your children, but a little screen time is not going to hurt them. Let’s all be honest, we probably do some kind of distraction technique daily so we can get stuff done. It’s fine, really.

Finding the perfect way to juggle things that works for your family can be an act in itself, but if anything is a true passion for you it’s easy to find a way.

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