Post-Baby Bucket List

When I Grow Up...

I was at the young age of 24 when we had our first baby. He was a very welcome surprise, but in the months leading up to his birth I had a lot of “I’m never going to get to *insert bucket list item here” moments. Admittedly I still have these moments, sometimes more than I’m proud of. At times I wallow in my self-pity independently; other times I try to pull my husband into the pity party. And I thought why do I have to trash my pre-baby bucket list?

  • Travel out of the United States. Yes, I’m a few years from 30, and I have never even had a passport. It’s not unheard of and even the norm for some to take their young children on international travels. I would love to raise world travelers.

  • See both the Pacific coast and Atlantic coast of the United States. Oh, how I would love to take an RV and drive from one coast to the other. Traveling family band? Hey, it’s been done!

  • Own a business, preferably a coffee shop. Because why not? I love coffee, and I know how to make it and pair it. I also have an extensive collection of mugs, so that is taken care of.

  • Build a house. We have what I consider our dream house to raise kids in, but I wouldn’t mind owning some land and building either a vacation house or our empty-nest bungalow.

  • Start a blog.

My bucket list is pretty short, but those things are serious enough that I could happily spend my life trying to accomplish them. My point is that you don’t have to fret about how children will end your fun and carefree years. Well are we really ever carefree?

Share your post-baby bucket list with me. We all have dreams. Think about how you can incorporate your children into those aspirations.

  • Visiting old friends.
  • Roadtrips with a silent toddler...wha?!?
  • Yoga with the husband.