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Motherhood Monday

Scrolling through Facebook, I saw this quote - “It’s not a cult; it’s a community.” Now it wasn’t in reference to motherhood, but come on moms, we know it could easily be.

We’ve all felt like our house is run by a tiny, sadistic cult leader who demands followers to wake up at 3:00am to decipher his grunts and screams in order to figure out what he needs in order to allow you a couple more hours of sleep. As long as you have children living at home, this might never change.

But maybe you’ve searched through message boards for some kind of answer to an issue your child is having, only to find that some mothers live by the cult mentality where the leader is Perfection. You cannot enter this cult unless you submit to his [Perfection] overbearing hand. Questions on these message boards lead to punishment (these mamas will call you out) or even banishment from this cult (the message board).

But here’s the thing: “Motherhood is not a cult; it’s a community.” We are all in this together. I’m not waking up at 3:00am with your child, and maybe you’re not cleaning the Cheerios out of my couch cushions (but you’re welcome to come over to do that). Still, aren’t we all performing certain tasks that we never dreamed we’d be doing before we had a child? Don’t we all lose sleep at night when our children are sick or we are worried about them?

If you get to the essence of just about every mother’s mindset I think you would find that we all just want to do the best by our children. We all want to keep our children safe and healthy. So why is it that moms don’t come to this commonground and love on one another there? Let’s leave the cults behind and instead find community with one another. Let us recognize that we’re all doing our own best, and love one another because of that.

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