Motherhood Miracles


Let’s just get this out of the way. To me, my son is a miracle, our rainbow baby. I could talk about how grateful I am all day and how I didn’t expect him after what we went through a year prior. But instead I want to focus on the miracles that happen daily in our house.

Miracles I’ve Experienced

  • I’ve kept a child alive for 18 months. Whether or not you consider this a miracle, I do. Before my son came along, I had never changed a diaper or even held a baby. I’m an only child, so it’s no wonder I was never around a plethora of babies. While I was pregnant, I had some serious worries about dropping my child or never being comfortable enough holding him to loosen up. But when they placed him in my arms, it all came together. And since then, life has been exactly like that: just coming together in some form or fashion that allowed me another day with this brilliant human being.

  • My boy loves routine. I would say that he probably inherited it from me, but it’s still too early to tell if it’s really part of his personality. I say a prayer everyday though. I’m a creature of serious habit. I started a routine with my son at two months of age, and we’ve pretty much stuck with some variation of the schedule since then, taking into account growth. I don’t think my son has missed a nap ever. I always said I wanted to have another child within two years of my first child, but I think having such an easy child has me seriously dragging my feet on adding another human to the mix.

  • The amount of love I have for my son is immeasureable. You hear people tell you all the time when you’re pregnant, that you are about to experience an explosion of love. Before my son was born, I knew three kinds of love: family, friends, spouse. I had not experienced the love of a child. It is unreal. They all try to tell you how unreal it is, but until you have experienced it you can’t imagine. Soon-to-be-moms, there’s nothing you need to do to prepare for this love because you can’t stop it from overtaking you. Out of all the crazy things people say to pregnant women, know that the one thing you can count on being true is the love explosion you are going to experience the first time someone places that baby in your arms. And the best part is that it grows every single day. I have never uttered words more than “I love that boy” when I’m talking about him or “I love you” when I am talking to him.

Miracles I Pray For

  • My son will grow up to be upstanding. I pray every day that I’m doing this right. I know the kind of man I want to raise my son to be. But I can only do so much as a mom. I know, I know if I do the best I can that is all that matters. But is it? Is my best good enough? This is where I have to pray for God’s divine intervention in making him a respectful and loving man. I can’t do this alone.

  • My son will always be surrounded by love. This is a tough one that makes me heart hurt if I think about it too much. I know that in this fallen world this is not possible. My son will encounter people along the way who just don’t show love and kindness. I pray that he is never damaged by this and that his own ability to show love and kindness towards other is not hampered.

  • How can I multiply my love? We know we want to have more children, but how can I possibly contain more love in my life? I think about this a lot. I know it’s possible because everyone swears it is. But it doesn’t compute in my mind. I’m afraid of having to transfer love from my son to a new child. People say that’s not how it works; your love just multiplies or something like that. But what if it doesn’t?

I believe that motherhood is full of miracles, big and small; never forget to celebrate. If you look closely enough, I’m sure you will find miracles hiding throughout your day. What are some miracles you’ve experienced in your own life, whether you are a mom or not?

  • Brunch with my boys
  • Sunny days perfect for hammock naps
  • A loving husband who will do the grocery shopping

Amber Joy