Motherhood Motivations


I have written on this topic before, but it was more of an informative approach and less of a real and personal approach. So today I am going to be real with you.

My motherhood motivation involves building relationships and friendships. Here’s a shocking revelation I had about myself after I graduated high school: I’m an introvert. It’s no big deal, great actually. I couldn’t imagine being any other way. I like solitude. I enjoy the quiet. I love my home. But as any healthy and functioning human being, I must interact with other humans. It is fine. I can do it with minimum side effects. Through college and even up until I had a child, I didn’t have to worry about making a whole lot of friends because we were still around people we had known forever. It became easy to maintain.

Then friendships started to fall away. Then we moved away. We thought we would live in the same area we both grew up in, but my husband got a job, and God had very different plans. We picked up our lives all the way from childhood and moved to a new, very big city. All of a sudden I had to make friends. I mean I guess technically I do what I want, so I didn’t HAVE to make friends. I could be a hermit and survive okay without building any new relationships.

I looked at my son, and realized that he needed friends. He needed me to have friends myself because he could not give me what adult friendships could. I decided that being an introvert is great and all, but it’s not an excuse to retreat into what is comfortable and never reach outside those bounds. I did what I had never done: I started seeking out friends. At an alarming pace, may I add. I found a women’s bible study through our church. We found a young family homegroup through our church. I made a best friend through a hiking group which led me to join MOPS. I have been very intentional about accepting invitations whenever it is possible. It worked because I now how a great core of fellow mama friends who I love dearly. I trust that they will not abandon me like “friends” have in the past. I credit this to my son. Besides being so cute that people want to talk to me, he was my motivation behind seeking friendships in the first place.


  • Sushi with a friend
  • Day date with my husband
  • A husband who loves grocery shopping