New Year's Eve After Children

A Timeline of Events

A lot changes when you have kids, including how you spend certain holidays. I feel like we do more scrambling around Christmas since having a child, even though we vow to do less scrambling. Then there’s New Year’s Eve. Wow, have things changed for this particular holiday.

Before Kids

  • Sleep until noon on NYE because it’s going to be a long, wild night.
  • Spend the rest of the daylight hours in bed watching midnight roll around in every city around the world.
  • Roll out of bed and shower around dinnertime.
  • Don’t forget to get dolled up- makeup, sparkles, fancy clothes.
  • Go to whatever NYE party you planned to- don’t forget the wine/liquor/champagne.
  • Mingle and enjoy yourself because chances are that you have tomorrow off from any responsibilities.
  • Before you know it, midnight rolls around.
  • Countdown with all your friends.
  • Kiss someone, maybe someone random but who cares because you’re young and possibly single
  • Stay up another 8 hours because it’s 20__!
  • Call a cab or D.D. because safety matters and you possibly drank way too much because you’re young and in charge.
  • Once home, cook yourself your favorite late night food because you’ve been up for almost 36 hours.
  • At some point before noon on NYD you’ll pass out back in your bed and begin to hibernate for roughly 18 hours.

After Kids

  • Wake up at the crack of dawn on NYE because there is a child somewhere crying, but don’t worry because it’s going to be a long and crazy night!
  • Spend the rest of the daylight hours doing everything you normally would for your children.
  • At some point try to find a short 5 minutes to hop in the shower and get dressed in the piles of laundry in various stages throughout your house.
  • You made it to dinnertime! Guess what, NYE is a perfect excuse for an easy meal of whatever the heck your kids will eat.
  • Cancel any plans you had to attend a NYE party of any kind because you are just plain exhausted or you couldn’t find a babysitter.
  • Dust off the bottles of sparkling grape juice because you are feeling crazy tonight.
  • Give in to your children and let them stay up late because chances are they know that it’s a special night to stay up late and THEY JUST WON’T LEAVE YOU ALONE ABOUT IT!
  • Turn the television on to one of the many NYE broadcasts for your children to ignore.
  • Make some coffee/tea for yourself and put your pj’s on if you made it out of them in the first place.
  • Is it midnight yet?
  • You made it to 9:00pm! You’re so close to midnight.
  • If your children fall asleep any time before midnight, you must take this chance to go to bed.
  • If midnight rolls around and your kids are awake, summon the strength to countdown.
  • Accept a slobbery, sleepy kiss from every mini-human in the room plus possibly your significant other if he/she is still awake.
  • Banish your children to their bedrooms at 12:01am.
  • Pass out to the closest cozy spot you can find.
  • Wake up at the crack of dawn on NYD because there is a child somewhere crying.