One Little Word

My Guiding Word Through 2016

Everyone seems to be doing it. At first I thought it was silly. Find one word to guide you through 2016 and live by that word. So it still is a little cheesy, but if you sit and think about it, the concept can be quite powerful. IF you choose the right word. Well I’m always up for a challenge, so I set out to come up with the best One Little Word for my 2016.


So many meanings for such a little word. My goals for 2016 are simple. I want to be more creative and open to the world around me. I lost my creativity around the time I started my career. I got so swept up in the stresses of working full-time that I rarely had time for anything else. I became a by-the-book person with a by-the-book life. Then when I had a child, my free time pretty much disappeared. Poof - into thin air. I began to struggle balancing just my family life with my work life. Forget about my life. I knew that I could not personally keep up with the demands, so I became a stay-at-home mom. I was still on the strugglebus, but I was slowly finding my way back. I started this blog as a way to tap back into a hobby that used to be so dear to me: writing. I wrote throughout middle school, high school, and college for different publications or academic contests. I was a good writer. It was a talent. And if you’ve ever been asked what your talent is just to realize you no longer have an answer…well you know how detrimental that can be to your own morale.

So when I started blogging, my world of creativity seemed to open back up to me. These brilliantly painted doors of the creative part of my psyche began to unlock. I’ve, since then, started to peak behind these doors. I have started painting and photographing and even messing with graphic design a little. When I say “messing with” I mean a lot of it is too embarrassing to share just yet. But it’s happening.

2016 is going to be a re-awakening for my creativity. I want to be vivid with all that I produce. I want my imagination to shine vividly through everything that I do. I want the words that I write to be vivid to my audience. I want to communicate my feelings to my husband vividly because this is where I seriously fail. I am not good at clearly communicating with my husband until it’s too late, and I’m angry. I know he will appreciate this. I want my time spent with my son to be vivid, so that he never doubts my appreciation for that time. I want my friends to describe my as having a “vivid personality.”

Even though finding One Little Word to live by throughout 2016 might seem a bit cheesy and cliche, I challenge you to do it if you haven’t. I discovered a lot about myself through doing this. I was able to spend time thinking about my own wants and needs. As a mother, sometimes we forget to take inventory on what we want and need.

SO, what is your One Little Word?

  • A successful collaboration with some awesome moms who are quickly becoming friends.
  • A healthy and vibrant little boy who is over his illness.
  • Helping hands when I'm just feeling too sick and exhausted to have a normal day.